On going to the latest Citadel, yet not, new channel are worryingly silent

However impact the effects away from Mordin’s lose fcn chat following the their mission for the Tuchanka, Shepard try called of the Councilor Valern, who needs an event towards the Citadel away from an important number. New Councilor teaches you this issues Councilor Udina, who has been swinging hundreds of millions of money in addition to Councilor wants to discuss where it’s supposed, stating one to Shepard “won’t including the information”.

Researching crisis streams, the Normandy gets a signal of a classic member out-of Shepard’s: drell assassin Thane Krios, who’s got resigned to the Citadel to love his kept lifestyle, just who teaches you your Citadel is not as much as attack; Cerberus keeps smack the station during the overwhelming number and you will C-Sec is not able to retaliate. The fresh new get in touch with teaches you one Ashley (which have retrieved on wounds suffered with the ed a good Spectre by Udina since then) went to protect the latest Council, while they are wanting to started to C-Sec Headquarters, since C-Sec dont release an excellent counterattack if you’re Cerberus retains it. Deploying regarding the shuttle, Shepard with his team land in the midst of a good pitched race anywhere between C-Sec and you can Cerberus pushes beyond your headquarters, providing C-Sec Frontrunner Bailey retake work. In to the, Bailey reveals intel one to Valern try intended to be interviewing the Executor, allegedly to own somebody essential prosecuted. Because of the content new Councilor taken to the brand new Normandy, Udina is actually implicated.

Admiral Hackett relationships Shepard that have information thereon front, advising the brand new Chief one when you’re turian and you may krogan crushed forces is actually progressing resistant to the Reapers on Palaven, they need alot more service vessels in addition to quarians are prepared to chat

Need that the Councilor is probably holed upwards in the Executor’s place of work, a fairly defensible status, Shepard’s team struggle their means thanks to Cerberus’ soldiers, however when they get to the office and you can extract the new Councilor, they show up under attack out-of Kai Leng, who is significantly less than instructions regarding the Illusive Kid so you’re able to assassinate the new Council. Valern including demonstrates Udina is actually working together with Cerberus in order to phase a good coup. The good news is, Thane happens and thwarts Leng’s assassination take to, but is mortally injured in the act. Leng retreats to follow the rest of the Council, which have Shepard and you will team during the sexy journey.

Even with Leng’s most useful efforts so you can impede and give a wide berth to their venture, Shepard reaches the fresh Council ahead of your on a coach mat, securing the newest exits to get rid of Cerberus troopers from getting into and a demanding standoff develops, with Ashley condition in his way. Shepard confronts Udina, the brand new Councilors and you will Ashley in the Udina’s treachery. In response, Udina tries to reject it and tries to body type Shepard to help you get into league that have Cerberus. But not, other Council appreciated the last big date it don’t believe Shepard and you can after every one of the moments they don’t listen to Shepard, start to believe your. With the Council’s refrain bus destroyed, Udina ways overriding the brand new lockdown, unaware you to definitely Shepard successfully confident Ashley to stand off and now have off the beaten track.

Udina, remaining with a few selection, begins to override the new lock to your door. Tevos tries to end him, however, the guy forces the woman towards the surface and you will pulls a gun on her behalf. Shepard was sooner or later forced to kill the peoples Councilor, followed closely by the fresh new coming with the scene out-of Bailey and you will C-Sec reinforcements. With Udina lifeless and their bundle thwarted, Leng together with remaining Cerberus pushes retreat, if you find yourself C-Sec first started securing new route.

Shepard try afterwards establish with Kolyat to visit Thane during their finally times during the Huerta Art gallery Healthcare, who recites a great drell prayer out-of redemption intended for Shepard in advance of dying. Shepard says his final goodbyes to help you Thane, informing him he won’t be by yourself for very long.

Race for Rannoch [ ]

After the coup sample, services to price the pace of your Crucible’s build and you will push the latest Reapers right back raise. Hackett needs Shepard meet with the leadership of your own Migrant Fleet however, urges alerting, as the current intel implies skeptical craft along the geth edging.