Thank you for this new fairy scene on ramen

#4: a whole lot more attire. ashley offered lin the latest schoolgirl dress, but she cant wear it 🙁 many of the outfits choices are extremely, nonetheless it never affects getting even more, or even provides current options available much more views.

#5: substitute for has androids nipple prevention permanent. so many views manage the girl big (midsize) bust, and that i can only smallify during intercourse, that is a pity. function 2 bust are very an excellent as well.

#6: crave to possess felicity. i have to have felicity human anatomy examination! as well as, offer felicity far more catgirl blogs. eating dinner out regarding animals dish, running into the give and you can knee joints whenever you are out on the town. a great “date” in which she is leashed and you may she crawls for the entire procedure would-be beautiful. in addition to, “a great lady” i ought to manage to make up for “a beneficial kitty”, including thus hot.

and that i thought thats the only some thing i will thought we a cure for in relation to update. and that i discover these could be very difficult otherwise impossible to accomplish, being forced to re-give all world several times to help you fit numerous possibilities, and so i dont think their likely to takes place, however, i will guarantee 🙂 assuming you will find any way i can help creativity, (with which has no feel, based that which you fool around with) i would become more than just willing, merely to see it grow 🙂

change to provide a final note: we realized it had been fairies instantaneously. immediately after sylvia said telekenesis and you will secret, before i actually had into the isle, i understood it was fairies. what i’m saying is c’mon! and her royal relatives domestic ran a crystal exploit?! its a little while insulting new protagonist didnt figure it out right until the guy got home. probably could have generated the complete area scene better with one education, somehow. call-out toward fairies, declare understanding it are present, create an accept her or him while in the cages, let badass nia manage guards, torches for the low-useful fairies, could have got an entire badass break-away highway as opposed to the default that! . however, even as opposed to good branched street regarding isle, their however insulting he didnt provides inner thought “oh, she’s fairies” even though the guy leftover it so you’re able to himself, that we often see taking place. but then again, possibly my personal “topic having fairies” only left him or her back at my brain over the average person, ‘s we know instantaneously

i am still playing, just adopted kali specific school blogs, the newest extensions/horse. oh goodness the woman is stunning (about shoulder right up. perform however like a great deal more ashley/felicity human anatomy, but hers isnt the poor.)

several other edit: just done ashleys tale (up to now) . i cannot show just how happy i’m one scene is roofed, it provides myself big vow you will find a lot more, and it was just beautiful. those individuals little authorities are only. *everyday and you will happy sound*

Okay, i joined here since i’ve difficulty. downloaded new version and more than of graphs are empty even selection with all of conserves choice etc.

I strike the exact same wall you did

Everytime We visited look for Android os they informed me I expected the girl individual update component, but I had already given it so you’re able to their. Moving forward most other characters storylines at some point allowed me to go ahead, but We cant remember hence version of girl. There are lots of various other areas in which this happens. I recommend looking to improvements other females tales as soon as you struck difficulty along these lines, it is basically impractical to run a single girl.

I do have a question that we are unable to appear to see the answer to whether or not

okay i became wanting to know right will there be a reason you aren’t promoting the game on steam? i would pay it off as upgraded instantly and now have into the good launcher 🙂

umm, I’m a little while mislead. What i try seeking to state is if I press this new talk alternative for the Maria’s doorway, it does not show me a beneficial cutscene or something like that, all it takes is me to the new admission. While can’t improve friendship without being shown cutscenes etc. Usually using v0.fourteen enhance this?

#2, ways to shave/wax the brand new furry of those (particularly maria and nia. my most other favorites curently have one shielded, however if so much more rating shaven, they could change my personal number, i just cant think of her or him atm)