The 3rd inform you begins and Atlas, Merritt, and <a href=""></a> you can Henley appear on the rooftop

They jump off the fresh rooftop and you will shower the fans with currency again. Yet not, the bucks works out getting fake. The real money from the safe had all been trapped in the auto away from Thaddeus Bradley, good debunker which exposes the fresh methods off magicians. Bradley is arrested and you will Dylan check outs your in the mobile. Dylan after that shows themselves since fifth Horsemen. He was helping the Horsemen through its methods in which he had brought her or him along with her and you can invented its serves.

Atlas, Merritt, and you will Henley in order to meet Jack ,who’d faked his passing, inside Main Park. Each of them place its tarot cards with her also it looks like as a button toward Eye, a miraculous company. Dylan suits with her or him in which he embraces all away from them to the attention.

Now you Find Me personally dos

Atlas visits the interest, proclaiming that they are tiredN off waiting for advice of Dylan. They have been concealing for more than per year and then he wishes to act. Later on, Atlas output family and finds an excellent magician named Lula Get here. She implies that she knows exactly about the fresh Five Horsemen and you may up coming pretends for this lady direct cut off. After, Dylan implies that she’s the brand new person in the Four Horsemen, replacement Henley. Dylan gives them a task to go back to the stage and introduce corrupt entrepreneur Owen Situation, whoever the brand new software covertly takes study with the the users to own Case’s work with.

The latest inform you is averted in the event that lighting turn off and you will a good face shows that Jack continues to be real time hence Dylan are the fresh Fifth Horsemen. Atlas, Merritt, Jack, and Lula all look at the rooftop and you can slide down a good pipe which was designed to cause them to a getaway coach. Their males offer the new Four Horsemen to a developing where they come across Walter Mabry looking forward to them. He explains how they were sent to Asia and claims one they want to bargain a computing tool that’s the secret to every desktop in the world. It was known as “stick”. Jack, Merritt, and you will Lula reject, but Atlas believes since the in the us, they were bad guys, in Asia, they could wade unrecognized.

The latest Five Horsemen properly inexpensive brand new adhere, covering up they on the rear out-of a playing credit. Meanwhile, Dylan springs Thaddeus from prison and you can Thaddeus says to your that Horsemen come into Macau. They go truth be told there and you may Atlas says to Dylan that he isn’t the frontrunner of your Horsemen any longer of course he wanted to let them, he’d hop out. Walter face Atlas and you may informs him supply him the fresh new adhere. Atlas declines and Dylan grabs him. He requires the fresh adhere out of Atlas and you can shoves him from doorway. not, Atlas afterwards are at toward their pocket and you may notices he nevertheless contains the adhere.

Walter’s men get Dylan and so they lay him from the safer where his dad died. It get rid of the safer within the water, in hopes you to Dylan would block and perish in the same way their dad did. not, Dylan can opt for the secure and you can refrain this new secure exactly as they fills with liquid. Atlas leaps within the and you will brings your to the surface, rescuing their lifetime. Dylan shows you he got brand new adhere off Atlas and in case he put Atlas out the door, the guy slipped they into his pocket. The guy, this new Five Horsemen, Li, and you may Bu Bu team up to take Walter down.

Although not, it land in Pursue McKinney, is actually waiting for them

Each of them setup tricks doing London area. Atlas really does a key in which he concludes the rain out of pouring, cold they inside the mid-air. He helps it be rise and you may returning to normal. The guy after suggests that the secret are completed with precipitation servers and you can strobe bulbs and you can informs the viewers to keep in mind how the guy performed the key on latest. The guy, Lula, Dylan, Jack, and you will Merritt are after seized and set for the Walter’s planes. They jeopardize to kill Lula, and Atlas up coming gives your the fresh new stick. All of the five of those was dumped of one’s airplane and you can are presumably slain. But, it comprehend the Horsemen aside the jet screen.