Their contract concords are generally those of classification los angeles or 9

What’s a bit interesting, yet not, is that with regard to place-names when you look at the Shona brand new huge difference regarding whether a place derived the name from certain person is morphosyntactically relevant

twenty-eight shot of one’s different types of best noun, the issues hence happen, in addition to their you’ll be able to service pertaining to noun group. Which try tend to concentrate on personal brands, nation and urban area names, locations and you will semiurban agreements, residential pets, rivers, and you may hills and you will mountains. It’s wished that the shot, regardless of if arbitrarily selected, is actually, in terms of the morphosyntactic conduct, affiliate an adequate amount of all the different sorts of correct nouns one to are located about Shona business. The final section is the conclusion. 1.dos Theoretical assumptions It is basically acknowledged you to definitely best nouns take a posture on the linguistic program of a code that is unlike compared to preferred nouns. In this studies a break up is made between issue and therefore connect to your source away from best nouns and their reputation since the linguistic tools currently. Put another way, a difference will be generated within etymology of these best nouns in addition to their synchronic reputation (look for Raper ). It is conceded here the ones from a strictly synchronic point from take a look at best nouns (otherwise labels, just like the onomasticians refer to them as) have resource, simply because they signify identifiable organizations on absolute (or even fictional) industry, but they don’t keeps lexical definition otherwise feel (Louwrens 1994:4). As an example, dombo shdvd a brown material and musana straight back (regarding an individual getting otherwise creature) due to the fact buildings are correspondingly a beneficial noun keywords into the classification 5 and you will a familiar noun during the category step three. Title hence derives on very first construction is Dombdshava (cl 9) Domboshava town and you will on second is Musand (cl los angeles) Musana (your own term), showing quite demonstrably the control of grammatical agreement keeps managed to move on to that particular regarding noun groups 9 and you can los angeles correspondingly. However, for Musana, a place-name would be produced from it, namely Musana (cl la/9) and therefore describes Master Musana s country. cit. p. 9) points out is that shortly after nomination (to utilize Lyons title) has taken lay, the fresh new morphology of your own erstwhile noun on which the fresh geographical name is based gets out-of-date towards the extent your amazing affordable prefix will lose their reputation just like the a good prefixal morpheme. Quite simply, because of the means of nomination the initial classification prefix are made inoperative for the reason that, due to the fact a component of a proper noun, one can possibly not any longer identify it synchronically because the a distinct morpheme. (We owe the word nomination in order to Lyons () who tried it to point something which an excellent 356

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31 name’s allotted to an organization.) As a result, it is seen you to semantic keeps produced by nomination usually bypass authoritative features with regard to the newest control over grammatical contract from inside the Bantu languages. It is clear up coming one to, viewed synchronically, right nouns was not able to being analysed morphologically. As an instance Musana, since title regarding a location, continues to become good noun away from group los angeles, not just in grammatical agreement, also from inside the inflections like the copulative additionally the possessive. Without a doubt, as already detailed above, it e eg Domboshava, that is not based on a personal term, shifts its noun category because the a keen set-identity and you may behaves as a noun regarding classification 9 throughout areas. step one.step three Requirements having noun category task As stated more than, so you can influence the new noun category toward and therefore confirmed correct noun belongs, certain requirements would-be functioning. This type of standards is split into about three items, particularly the fresh inflection type of, the latest locative variety of and concord sort of. The brand new inflection type is sold with the brand new predicative (or copulative) inflection, the new possessive inflection together with adverbial/conjoining inflection. The locative method of comes with the fresh new locative prefixes (pa-, ku-, mu-) just like the a set. The concord form of criterion constitutes all concordial affixes, e.g. demonstrative, decimal, and that of the newest pronoun. The newest inflection while the locative requirements compose just what will be known so you’re able to due to the fact key standards, because concord traditional will be considered to be the fresh peripheral expectations. The former was regarded as key criteria because their use with a given best noun leads to the option of you to setting only where additional possible people in this new lay is omitted. On the other hand, fool around with which have good peripheral criterion may result in the option of you to or other regarding alternative different a set. Most of these regions of sentence structure being exemplified over is actually, with the aim in hand, handled abundantly from the Fortune (1985). This new hypotheses and that we get better here are below: new core conditions as previously mentioned over should determine brand new noun group into which certain proper noun falls; additionally the features of the peripheral requirement is actually less of the semantic dictate out of hyponymy. While the mention of the such criteria might be made apparently on text message, they’ll certainly be portrayed lower than having fun with nouns regarding groups la, 5, 9 and 17a. 357